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Football in Pakistan

Strawberry sports is launching Football league in Pakistan

Football is the world’s number one ball game in terms of participants and onlookers. Being simple in its principal rules and equipment, it can be played almost anywhere. Over the years, the game has seen a tremendous increase in its players and fan-following as FIFA estimated the popularity of the game, at the start of the 21st century, to be 250 million players and over 1.3 billion people interested in Football around the world. Football in Pakistan followed the same trend and is considered the Most Watched Sport in Pakistan after Cricket. Association football is the Most Popular Sport in Pakistan after cricket and field hockey, and it is organized and regulated by the Pakistan Football Federation. Pakistan has been known for producing and exporting footballs for major football events. The Pakistan manufactured Telstar ’18 featured at the FIFA World Cup 2018. Football is the 2nd most popular sport in the country, with millions of fans throughout the country. Unfortunately, Pakistan has had little luck with the sport itself. But little do we know, Pakistan has had its precious few football superstars. Masood Fakhri was hailed as one of Pakistan’s earliest football stars. He became the first Pakistani to score a hat-trick at the Asian Games. Fakhri was also the first Pakistani to play for an English football club. There was also Abdul Ghafoor Majna – fondly known as Pakistani Pele.

Brief History of Soccer in Pakistan

Football in Pakistan is as old as the country itself and is among the popular sports in Paksitan. Shortly after the Independence in 1947, the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) was formed and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah became the first Patron-in-Chief is presently headed by Faisal Saleh Hayat. PFF was recognized by FIFA in 1948, shortly after the Annual National Championship. Pakistan National Football Team had their first international experience in Iran and Iraq in 1950. In 1954, the Pakistan National Team took part in the Asian Games at Manila and also went to the Far East. In 1958, Pakistan participated in the Tokyo Asian Games again. Pakistan participated in the annual Asian Quadrangular Tournament as well but the game could not be developed as firmly as it should have. Pakistan's Participation in International Competitions from SAFF games to Commonwealth games to SouthAsian games has not been frequent. The benchmark achieved in the early 1950s could not be kept because of absence of organization of the Game in Pakistan. Today, the sports federations in Pakistan do not make much of an effort to make their mark through Sports in Pakistan.

Famous Football Players of Pakistan

Pakistan has an impressively great extent of sporting talent with success recorded in cricket & squash; producing world-class talent; Local clubs in Pakistan making it to the international competitions, but despite the country being home to such talent, Football in Pakistan has still perplexed Pakistanis for decades. Pakistan in Football has not been able to produce a single world-class individual which is quite surprising for a country that has been involved in the sport since its inception.. Pakistan National Football Team performed inconsistently on the international stage and is currently ranked at 201 among the Football Team Rankings standing nowhere close to an entity in sport which is why the Pakistan Football Team has never made it to the FIFA World Cup ever. Despite that the country has still been able to produce the following Talent in Football. Famous Football Players in Pakistan are given as follows:

1. KaleemUllah also the Pakistan National Team Captain
2. Zesh Rehman
3. Saqib Hanif
4. Mohammad Ali
5. Yousuf Butt
6. Hassan Bashir
7. Nabil Aslam
8. Sami Malik
9. Ali Iqbal
10. Ghayas Zahid
11. Etzaz Hussain
12. Adil Nabi

Women soccer players of Pakistan

Additionally, Pakistan has also created great extent of talent of Women in Football. Famous Women Football Players in Pakistan are: 1. Sana Mahmud 2. Hajira Khan 3. Shahlyla Ahmadzai 4. Diana Baig 5. Zulfia Shah 6. Fatima Ansari

Football leagues can play an important role in the development of Sports in Pakistan

Football Leagues in Pakistan have been classified under the Pakistan football league system which comprises of interconnected leagues for football clubs in Pakistan. Among other leagues like Pakistan Premier League as well as the Gulmit Premier League, the 2016 PFF Cup is presently one of the main football tournaments in Pakistan. Premeir league fans in Pakistan have large spread over the country with the presence of digital pages like Arsenal Fans in Pakistan as well as Manchester United Fans in Pakistan and Chelsea Fans in Pakistan. These pages have so many people on them and are actively following these pages. Football Scene in Pakistan among the youth is pretty good but if we talk about the Football Infrastructure things are not really pleasant. Football grounds in Pakistan have been neglected and have not been taken proper care of although there are very good football clubs in Pakistan operating currently on their own expenses, Popo FC created such good talent a team of which has won a tournament in Dubai. Among others Karachi United & Ghosts FC are also some of the Top Football Clubs in Pakistan. The only good infrastructure in Pakistan is the Jinnah Stadium under the supervision of Pakistan Sports Board which is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. All the other Football academies in Pakistan are being run on their own expenses. The football news in Pakistan is majorly spread through the (FPDC) which has previously covered Futsall in Pakistan as well as Footy in Pakistan and also the FA Cup.

Futsall and Footy in Pakistan

Football Clubs in Pakistan. The only good infrastructure in Pakistan is the Jinnah Stadium under the supervision of Pakistan Sports Board which is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. All the other Football academies in Pakistan are being run on their own expenses. The football news in Pakistan is majorly spread through the (FPDC) which has previously covered Futsall in Pakistan as well as Footy in Pakistan and also the FA Cup.

Football fans in Pakistan

Pakistan’s population exceeds 210 million and there exists a great extent of Football Talent in Pakistan among the youth which has rarely been identified and harnessed. According to a survey by FIFA in 2006, Pakistan has an estimated number of 2.9 million Football Players who have been involved with the sport for years. The figure would have unquestionably expanded in these twelve (12) years as evident from the recent WorldCup engagement and digital media trends. There’s a lot of Raw Football Talent in Pakistan that needs to be developed and trained to do their best, although there have been problems faced by the sport in the recent years due to which the Pakistani Players have suffered the most. On the other hand, Croatia has done a tremendous job in WorldCup 2018; securing a silver position and winning millions of hearts across the globe, with a population of 4.17 million only. This comes off as the best example of identifying the right kind of talent and polishing them for glory in the case of Croatia Football Team.

Strawberry Sports Management and Revival of football in Pakistan

As FIFA ban on Pakistan that was imposed earlier has now been lifted in October ’17, its time to look forward and ensure the Football Revival in Pakistan which has been blessed with prodigious sporting talent. For Pakistan to be able to make it to the FIFA WorldCup in the future, “Football Emergency” needs to be declared. In order to address this emergency, an initiative “CFL ” is to be organized by Strawberry Sports Management, a pioneer sports management company, run by Haider Ali Daud, that owns the following Sports leagues in Pakistan: Volleyball League Wrestling League Football League Kabaddi League The company has recently organized the first ever International Super Kabaddi League in Pakistan that has been a hit.

Football talent in Pakistan

Through trials, talent will be identified from all mentioned cities that will be further harnessed by qualified coaches to be placed in their respected cities’ teams in Classic Football League, which is to take place in the last quarter of this year. Everybody and anybody can participate in CFL who is currently playing in, or is a part of, a registered football clubs in their respective cities. This will be a great opportunity for young Local Talent In Pakistan to play in an international Football League in Pakistan and to avail other such opportunities. CFL will have three development stages, as mentioned above. The journey will not end here but will be sustained for years to come. Players selected through CFL will be given platforms like Classic Football League and other opportunities, which may include selection for the Pakistan National Football Team, through this initiative.

Fans of Ronaldo, Beckham and Messi in Pakistan

Pakistan has a lot of potential in Football and the future of Football in Pakistan is pretty bright in the country; the popularity of the sport is evidenced by the Football Fans Followership in Pakistan. Lyari being the Football hub in Pakistan as evident from the contribution the area has had in the National Football Team producing players like Pakistani Pele among others like Masood Fakhri from Faisalabad along with Quetta & Chaman. Football in Gilgit Baltistan has a lot of presence as well. Additionally, Sialkot being the hub of the sports goods industry is also a plus point for Pakistan as the world-famous ball Telstar18 the Official Ball for WorldCup which was Made in Pakistan. Moreover, the contribution of Leisure Leagues in Pakistan has also been remarkable in a sense that they turned the dream Ronaldinho in Pakistan a reality. They are also working towards bringing Messi in Pakistan which is so much for the Messi Fans in Pakistan among others that include Ronaldo fans in Pakistan as well as the Beckham Fans in Pakistan as they would cherish the presence of such world-class talent in Pakistan. Such initiatives will bring out the best-untapped talent from all over the country and provide them with a platform where they will be harnessed and prepared for the years to come, making a name for the country. People of Pakistan, who already are so enthusiastic about the sport and are actively following the sport, will cherish and support their own home-grown talent on all levels

Classic Football League

After a period of decline, the sport has once again risen. With excited football fans all across the country, Pakistan is all set to kick-off Classic Football League (CFL). The League will feature several teams from across the country, representing various cities and regions of the country. CFL will feature more than a hundred players from Pakistan and abroad. The players’ pool will be divided into various categories. The League will be a herald of change in the status quo. CFL will provide much needed sporting entertainment for the masses. While on the other hand, there are larger issues that can be addressed. Two thirds of Pakistan’s population is under the age of 30. This is an important segment of population. It can be a crucial asset for the country, but only if taken in the right direction. Sport is a power like no other. It can unite people for a common cause. CFL is an opportunity for everyone to participate in the uplift of sports in the country.

Classic Football League is coming soon in a stadium near you

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